We welcome media coverage that shines a light on people experiencing Long Covid and helps us achieve our objectives:

  • Secure rehab, research and recognition for people with Long Covid
  • Ensure there is no discrimination on the basis of test results or hospital admission
  • Avoid being labelled with existing terms until more is known
  • Help others find us by referring to the website where appropriate
  • Ensure consultation with those with lived experience of Long Covid in the design of research, rehabilitation and/or treatment (“nothing about us, without us”)

Long Covid Support in the media youtube

Media Guide & Visual Assets

If you are writing or talking about Long Covid , please read our Media Briefing Guide, which includes more information about our aims. 

Feel free to use our visual assets

Living with Long Covid: Jade Christie

"For many, the symptoms of Covid-19 were mild enough to not require hospital treatment. But for some people, they're still suffering the effects months after contracting the virus."

BBC London News | 30th September, 2020