I have been working from home on reduced hours since March, but I’m finding it very difficult to work. I’ve recently had to go off sick because I can’t manage it anymore. 
   I’m still suffering with brain fog, memory and concentration issues, headaches, lower back pain, and pain in my joints, including my arms, legs and hands. I also have random muscle pains, tiredness, weakness and fatigue, and numbness and tingling in my hands, arms, legs and feet. 
   I’ve had numerous blood tests and nothing has given any explanation of what may be causing my symptoms. Doctors keep telling me there is no help as it is new to them and there is no treatment unless you were hospitalised. 
   I recently found out that the government has invested 10 million in Long Covid help, GPs will be given advice on how to treat it, and there will be treatment centres set up. But you will need a referral from your healthcare practitioner to access this treatment. I contacted my GP about it and they have no knowledge of any help available. 
   I’m not getting any better. I have a lot of pressure from my employers to get back to work. I’m finding it very difficult to manage day-to-day tasks and to look after myself.
   I’m very frustrated as there seems to be no help available to me.