As I was working in the NHS I got offered a Covid antibody test in June which came back positive. Then, in July of 2020, I became very unwell quite suddenly. From going to work one week to being unable to leave my bed in crippling pain the next.
   I have been off work since with severe back pain, fatigue, breathlessness and brain fog.
   Nobody is taking me seriously. I have been off work for months and been begging for support. I find it so hard that I gave my all during the first wave of the pandemic, risking my own health and that of my family, to now have all doors closed on me when I need it the most.
   I had recently moved out of my family home to gain some independence but now I am reliant on the help of family and friends to meet a large amount of my needs.
   How can the NHS be expected to give care and keep the UK well if the front-line staff are not receiving support?
   I feel betrayed.