Doctors with Long COVID

"Doctors who contracted COVID, and thought the symptoms would be over in weeks, tell of their continuing pain, exhaustion and – sometimes – struggle to be believed"

The BMA | 6th October, 2020

I am living with Long COVID. I want to describe the nature & extent of disability I experience.

"I am living with Long COVID. I am experiencing multi-dimensional and episodic disability, across all dimensions of disability. My primary symptom is fatigue & post-exertion malaise. Along with other symptoms. I want to describe the nature & extent of disability I experience."

Twitter ThreadReader | 09th October, 2020

4 Long COVID Survivors Describe What It’s Like To Have Symptoms Months Later

“I still have some scarring on my lungs, and I can’t exercise like I used to. Before COVID, I could run for miles. Earlier [in September], I finally got to the point where I could run one mile without stopping,” he said

HuffPost US | 09th October, 2020

Woman Tells of how Long Covid has Changed Her Life

"Roweena Russel, 45, is suffering from chest pains, memory loss and constant fatigue six months after contracting coronavirus"

ChronicleLive | 10th October, 2020

Thousands of New York Long Haulers Struggle with COVID-19 Months After Diagnosis

"In early March, Maria Diaz became one of the first New Yorkers known to have contracted COVID-19. Diaz, who teaches at Brooklyn’s Poly Prep Country Day School, left work on March 3 with a 105-degree fever. Well into the summer, she reported suffering fevers every few days, as well as chronic fatigue."

The City, NYC | 15th September, 2020

Living With Post-COVID-19 Is a Thru-Hike Across the Unknown

Miles wrote about his experience in an essay for Adventure Journal and compared it to a thru-hike across the unknown: "Some days I'm northbound, some days I'm southbound. Other days, I walk to hell and back."

Miles W. Griffis @ Adventure Journal | 19th August, 2020

Two previously fit and healthy Edinburgh women describe the hell of living with 'long COVID'

“We’ve all got something that we want to be getting on with, nobody wants to be sat at home watching telly and feeling that their life is just passing them by.”

Edinburgh Live | September 9th, 2020

Long Covid: A loss of transparency

"The focus of healthcare: I have been fortunate to have had positive experiences with health care professionals throughout this illness. They have been attentive, patient even when I have been anxious myself, and open to what I tell them I am going through."

Joe Cape @ Medium | 28th August, 2020

These young, healthy COVID-19 survivors face long-term issues

"Adina Gerver, 41, of Manhattan has been dealing with long-term fatigue, chest pain and hair loss since she caught COVID-19 in late March. “I’m scared that this will be the thing that dogs me for the rest of my life,” Gerver said."

New York Post | 20th August, 2020

Still ill with coronavirus six months later: 'I have no idea how to get better'

"Monique Jackson believes she caught Covid-19 early in the pandemic and nearly six months later she's still unwell. One of thousands in this position, she has been keeping an illustrated diary about her symptoms and her vain attempts to get treatment."

BBC News | 1st September, 2020