Miles wrote about his experience in an essay for Adventure Journal and compared it to a thru-hike across the unknown: "Some days I'm northbound, some days I'm southbound. Other days, I walk to hell and back."

Miles W. Griffis @ Adventure Journal | 19th August, 2020


“We’ve all got something that we want to be getting on with, nobody wants to be sat at home watching telly and feeling that their life is just passing them by.”

Edinburgh Live | September 9th, 2020


"The focus of healthcare: I have been fortunate to have had positive experiences with health care professionals throughout this illness. They have been attentive, patient even when I have been anxious myself, and open to what I tell them I am going through."

Joe Cape @ Medium | 28th August, 2020


"Adina Gerver, 41, of Manhattan has been dealing with long-term fatigue, chest pain and hair loss since she caught COVID-19 in late March. “I’m scared that this will be the thing that dogs me for the rest of my life,” Gerver said."

New York Post | 20th August, 2020


"Monique Jackson believes she caught Covid-19 early in the pandemic and nearly six months later she's still unwell. One of thousands in this position, she has been keeping an illustrated diary about her symptoms and her vain attempts to get treatment."

BBC News | 1st September, 2020


"Imagine being young and healthy, a nonsmoker with no preexisting health conditions, and then waking up one morning feeling like you were being suffocated by an unseen force. Back in March, this was my reality."

The Conversation US | 11th August, 2020


"Published here are the COVID-19 stories that we’ve selected from those submitted by members of the public to this site, with the aim of helping others understand what their recovery might look like too."

Covid-19 Recovery Collective | 29th July, 2020


Ann Poletti -  "I believe I caught the virus very early, and I can’t tell you how long it takes to recover from it, because I have not recovered"

The Guardian  | 19th July, 2020


Natasha Hind: The NHS has launched ‘Your Covid Recovery’ service, for those who have survived the virus but are still struggling.

HuffPost  | 8th July, 2020

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How long does COVID-19 last? Our data shows one in ten are sick for three weeks or more. | 8th June, 2020

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