“The World Health Organization is honored to support the Long Covid Support Group and are committed to working side by side with you.”
- Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General, World Health Organization

"The Long Covid Support Group is a vital and necessary way in which we can talk to each other about the symptoms that bother us and in some cases immobilise us or terrify us. We need to know that we are not isolated, not fantasists. When we lie awake at night wondering if we are alone with this or that pain or disability, the group is a huge comfort, reassurance and support. But more than that, it is vital that we are heard. Long Covid Support is also about numbers saying to society, 'We are the pandemic too."
- Michael Rosen, author, broadcaster and member of Long Covid Support Group.

“What Long Covid Support have done is incredible. Early in the pandemic the group become a voice for those unable to access treatment.  Partly as a result of their tireless work, there is now a much greater understanding of Long Covid. By being patient-led it has become the go-to organisation for insights and expertise.”
- Kait Borsay, Presenter, Times Radio

“The Long Covid Support Group has been lifeline for me and thousands of others. Even if it can’t always provide all the answers, its message is powerful: You are not alone.”
- Ruth Liptrot, Reporter 5 News and member of Long Covid Support Facebook Group member

“As one who has spent decades in medical research trying to understand autoimmune and infectious diseases in order to help patients, it has been an invaluable, new and refreshing experience for me to engage as a Trustee with Long Covid Support. My contact there informs and complements my research, but most of all, there is the sense of being part of a team working on all fronts to address this enormous need.”
- Prof Daniel M Altmann, Department of Immunology and Inflammation, Imperial College

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