Important information

Long Covid is a term used to describe a variety of symptoms and illnesses that are triggered by a Covid infection and which persist after the initial infection period has passed. See ‘What is Long Covid?’ for more information. 

As Long Covid can 'look' different for each person, their medical assessment and treatment will also 'look' different and needs to be tailored to them.

Although there are no cures at the moment, some people can find relief via a mixture of symptom management approaches, lifestyle changes, therapies and medicines.

Long Covid Support does not recommend any specific treatments or approaches to symptom management. The information below can help you find out a bit more about the symptoms you are experiencing so you can make more informed decisions with your healthcare providers. 

Always discuss potential treatments, therapies, supplements and dietary changes with a medical professional.

As Long Covid is a new and complex medical condition, we encourage you to read and share reliable sources of information with your medical team, such as those below. Our ‘Getting help’ page has tips on preparing for medical appointments and knowing your rights.

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