We welcome media coverage that shines a light on people experiencing Long Covid and helps us achieve our objectives:

  • Secure rehab, research and recognition for people with Long Covid
  • Ensure there is no discrimination on the basis of test results or hospital admission
  • Avoid being labelled with existing terms until more is known
  • Help others find us by referring to the website where appropriate
  • Ensure consultation with those with lived experience of Long Covid in the design of research, rehabilitation and/or treatment (“nothing about us, without us”)

Long Covid Support in the media youtube

Media Guide & Visual Assets

If you are writing or talking about Long Covid , please read our Media Briefing Guide (PDF), which includes more information about our aims. 

Feel free to use our visual assets

The TLC Sessions: Living with Long Covid

Two journalists, themselves living with Long Covid interview patients and professionals on some of the key issues in this series of podcasts. Listen to what others have to say and tell your story.


People living with Long Covid interview professionals on some of the key issues. LivedHealth is a CIC that believes that health communities and health information are more effective when powered by lived experience: LivedHealth Videos

Living with Long Covid: Jade Christie

"For many, the symptoms of Covid-19 were mild enough to not require hospital treatment. But for some people, they're still suffering the effects months after contracting the virus."

BBC London News | 30th September, 2020



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