Join us each Wednesday for weekly sessions of breathing exercises, singing (on mute!) and an optional chat. We welcome people with Long Covid or their direct care givers, wherever you are in the world.

Long Covid Choir was formed in March 2021 by people with Long Covid to bring some light in the darkness to others living with the debilitating effects of the condition.​

Accessible even to those who may be housebound or bedridden, our friendly and informal weekly online sessions (and the all-important chats afterward!) have been good for our hearts, lungs, and souls. 

We sing a variety of musical styles. There are no auditions, no singing experience is required, and there is no need to be able to read music.

Singing together has brought joy and friendship as we navigate the life-changing experience of Long Covid.

It's time to find our voice again.

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  • Merel van der Knoop

    Music Director Merel gained a Bachelor's degree in solo piano from the Rotterdam Conservatoire in The Netherlands and went on to study Piano Accompaniment at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, from where she graduated with a Masters in Music and a Masters in Music Performance, Guildhall Artist degree.  Merel works as a freelance accompanist and vocal coach besides teaching singing and piano. She was Interim Head of Music at The Hall School Wimbledon from 2016-2017 and Interim Head of Junior Music at Wimbledon High School in Autumn 2021. Merel is also a classical artist on board P&O and Olsen cruises. Currently, she is musical director of the Long Covid Choir and the Long Covid Kids Choir. Besides being active as a freelance musician Merel also took acting classes at Morley College and City Lit. She was part of the City Lit Rep Company that took Hamlet to the RSC Open Air Festival in Stratford upon Avon. Merel also works as a Supporting Artist for feature films.

    Claire Hastie

    Co-founder and Chair Claire fell ill with Covid in March 2020, and she and two of her three children continue to live with the effects of Long Covid. In May 2020 she set up the Long Covid Support Facebook group as a private place for people who were struggling to recover from Covid to share information and support. The group is a core part of Long Covid Support’s wider work in peer support, advocacy, and research involvement.  Having sung in the volunteer chorus of Birmingham Opera Company since 2001, Claire knows the power of singing together to bring joy and friendship. She was keen to set up a choir to help people with Long Covid, contacted Zoë, and the rest is history. What Claire lacks in singing ability she makes up for in enthusiasm!

    Maddy Corper

    Treasurer Maddy caught Covid in May 2020, probably through her work as a train driver. She developed Long Covid shortly after her initial infection and remains ill to this day. Thankfully she is still able to sing! She has regular singing lessons in opera techniques which are really good for her breathing and mental health! Music has been a huge part of her life since about the age of nine, playing in orchestras and bands as well as singing.  She loves the Long Covid Choir as it is perfect for people who are unwell as you can do as much or as little as you want. Plus she has met many lovely people in the same position. Maddy has sung in many different choirs. At the moment she is singing with London’s Transport Choir, whom she has been with for about 13 years. She has also sung with the Gamesmaker Choir (formed by the volunteers at the 2012 Olympics/Paralympics) and even had a spell in the Bart’s Choir! She has also sung in church choirs. She became involved in the Long Covid Choir when she discovered it in the Long Covid Support Group and is one of its earliest members. 

    Georgina King Smith

    Secretary Georgie caught Covid working at school in 2022 and is now living with and fighting Long Covid. She has always loved a broad range of music and used to sing and dance daily and always with the whole family whenever together. A very long time ago she was amongst a few from her school choir who were lucky enough to be chosen to sing (in Latin) Stabat Mater to the late Queen Mother on International WorldWomen’s Day at St Martins in the Fields. It was a 4.30 am start to the day and hugely exciting for an eleven year old. With nerve damage in one ear since Long Covid, Georgie was thrilled to find the Long Covid Choir, which brings a wonderful warm communal feeling (despite being online) where fellow longhaulers can sing together, embarrassment free of the unfamiliar sounds sometimes emanatingfrom probably imperfect vocal chords and lungs!

    Rakhee Vasishta

    Trustee Rakhee became unwell with Covid in May 2020 and had to adapt to an altered lifestyle very quickly. She continues to make gradual progress and remains on the road to recovery. A keen musician and dancer, Rakhee hoped that joining the Long Covid Choir would enable her to connect with other 'long haulers' through singing and find her musical sparkle again! She came across the choir through the Long Covid Support Facebook group in 2021 and has been a regular participant ever since. She enjoys learning new material each week as well as finding the lighter side of things by sharing brain fog stories at the end of the session!

  • FAQs

    Do I need to be a confident singer?

    There is no need to have sung before, there are no auditions, and there is no need to be able to read music.

    Because of internet latency issues we sing with our microphones muted, so there is no need to worry if you are new to singing or Long Covid has affected your voice.

    What do sessions involve?

    Sessions begin with gentle breathing, stretching and vocal warm-up exercises (with occasional silliness!). 

    It is important that people only do what they feel able to do - we know all too well the difficulties Long Covid can bring. We aim to be as inclusive as possible, so please tell us if further adaptations would help you.

    We sing a variety of musical styles.

    Sessions last around 45 minutes, but anyone who wants to is welcome to stay longer for a chat.

    We are regularly joined by children, dogs and cats, who are also very welcome to join in!

    When are sessions held?

    We sing together on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm UK time (8:00pm CET, 2:00pm EST, 11:00am Pacific time)

    Sessions are held over Zoom. Complete the form below and we will send you joining instructions.

    How much do sessions cost?

    New members can access a free session by signing up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

    Thereafter, if you are able, we ask for a contribution of £5 per session (or equivalent in your currency). We understand that many people with Long Covid may experience financial difficulties, and wouldn't want this to be a barrier to joining.

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