Update: 16th October 20202020 10 17 JH to MH 161020

Following our letter to Jeremy Hunt, chair of the UK's Health & Social Care Committee in August (see below), Mr Hunt has followed up with Mr Hancock on the specific issues that we raised that were not covered in the subsequent dialogue in September.

Hunt's full letter can be read here

LongCovid.org look forward to Mr Hancock's prompt and full response.


28th August 2020

Today LongCovid.org and partners sent a letter to Jeremy Hunt, chair of the Health & Social Care Committee, to ask for the UK Government to assemble a multi-disciplinary Long Covid taskforce to consider:

  1. Improvements to (continuing) professional education
  2. More and better research
  3. Quality psychosocial and mental health services
  4. Better public health programmes
  5. Help for NHS and social care workers to return to work safely
  6. Funding for patient-led support groups.

The full letter can be read here.

On the 8th September 2020 Health Secretary Matt Hancock publicly acknowledged receipt of the letter at the Health & Social Care committee, and also discussed his understanding of Long Covid in detail, showing he had taken on board points raised:

We look forward to receiving his formal response and working together on real change to help those affected.